Cinematic Orange and Teal – Lightroom Presets

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Orange and teal look will make your subjects and background pop out of the photos more than anything else. This lightroom preset will make your photos have that cinematic look !

What will you get:

  • 20 orange and teal presets



The orange and teal look is the most popular and widespread. It actually has to do with the science of color. In every photos/videos there is one constant with colors, and that’s skin tones. No matter what our complexions are, we’re all in the orange section. To make the subjects and the background pop, we have to use complementary color, which is basically opposite colors. The opposite color of our skin is “teal” So the orange and teal is gonna make your subjects pup out of the photo more than anything else. You can also see the orange and teal look in most films. So GET it NOW !







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If you’re looking for a Lightroom preset that can make your photos look exactly like a real film, then this one is the BEST for you I promise !!

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