How To Edit a Stunning Landscape Photo In Lightroom

So, you just took a landscape photo with your camera, but it still doesn’t look as perfect as your expectation ? In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I edit a stunning landscape photo in Adobe Lightroom.


Taking landscape photos is one of my favorite thing to do with my DSLR. It’s also the easiest photography skill that every newbie can learn in minutes. But what does it really take to get a stunning landscape photo ? Well… the answer is “editing” It really requires some editing skills if you want to master it. So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you step by step how I edit my landscape photos in Adobe Lightroom !

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1. What type of landscape photos ?

There are many types of landscape photos such as waterfalls, mountains, prairie….. Different types of landscape will require different editing methods. For example if I take a waterfall photo, then I will be playing around with the color blue, teal when editing in Lightroom. So it’s very necessary to understand what kind of landscape photos you’re taking.



2. Increase the shadows

When pointing your camera into the sky, it’s very easy to get a dark foreground. This is because the lack of dynamic range. Our camera sensor isn’t like our human eye, so the photos will not look at all like what we actually see. For example if we want to expose the sky properly, then we will lose detail in foregrounds. If we expose for the foreground, then the sky is gone !!! This is a huge pain ! But don’t worry, we can always bring the dark areas(shadows) back using software like Lightroom. To do this, we simply go to the “basic” and then bring up the shadows. You can also bring the highlights down a little bit to create that HDR look !




3. Increase the luminance of green/yellow

Increasing the luminance of color green and yellow will definitely make your foregrounds stand out a lot ! This trick only works when you’re in a place where there are some trees, grasses, mountains…(color green and yellow)  Of course, there are millions of ways you can edit a landscape photo, but often times we will be focusing on the HSL of color green and yellow. HSL stands for hue, saturation, luminance.




4. Use digital graduated filter

When we’re shooting landscapes, the sunlight always gets bounced all over the objects present in a landscape. And the best way to reduce the reflections is to use a polarizing filter. But what if you don’t want to spend that 100 dollars buying a new polarizing filter ? Don’t worry, you can still use “digital graduated filter” in Lightroom ! Though the digital filter might not be as effective as a real polarizer, it still makes your landscape photos a lot more stunning !

The first step is to cover the entire sky with graduated filter. And the last step is to decrease the brightness and bring up the clarity a little bit. This will make the sky looks darker, bluer and sharper than you’ve ever seen !





5. Use our Lightroom presets

To be honest, it usually takes me 3 to 20 minutes to edit a landscape photo. That’s why we need to use “Lightroom presets” If you’ve been in photography industry for a while, then you must know what it is ! A Lightroom preset is just like a “done for you” filter ! You can simply edit your photos in a matter of seconds. I’m very glad you’re here because I’m going to give you a very cool preset pack ! I’ve been using this preset for a very long time and it works for all of my landscape photos. So if you’re interested, then just click the link below ! 🙂








That’s how I edit my landscape photos

That’s it ! It’s very quick and simple ! If you find this tutorial helpful don’t forget to share with your friends ! And if you have some awesome editing tips and tricks just leave a comment below 🙂




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